Murrel. Org Updated 3/1/2003  


  February 2003

    Leaked Email: Rich and Powerful Anti-American
    MS Discloses Windows Source to China and Breachs National Security
    BSA Targets Open Office
    Lexmark Injunction v Replacement Cartidges
    Taiwan forces Microsoft to slash prices
    New WTC Chosen
    Feds Seize Web Domain
    Anti-War is Pro-Saddam
    CDT Reviews Patriot II
    Loebner-Minksy Prize
    Google v google (v)
    Junk FAX Law v Spam
    Engineer Warned NASA of Shuttle Danger
    Pain Sensitivity is in the Genes
    MS SQL Users Exposed by Patent Settlement
    Bookseller Purges Sales Lists to Protect Readers
    FCC Destroys ISP Industry
    No Privacy at eBay
    Homeland Security May End Amateur Rocketry
    Pennsylvania Orders ISPs to Block Child Porn Sites
    Net Blocking Threatens Legitimate Sites
    DoT Surveillance Comments Needed
    MS v Hotmail Spammers
    NH Supremes Privacy Tort Liability Ruling
    Peoria Med-Tech District - Hey! Its MY Neighborhood
    German Coverup: Iraq Stockpiles Small Pox
    German Coverup Translation
    National ID Advances
    Be All You Can Be Domain Disappears
    CC Processor hacked
    Google as Big Brother
    EU (Including France)Warns Iraq of Last Chance
    Kansas says NO to SBC
    Kasparov Comments on Match v Deep Junior
    VoIP Under Attack by State Commissioners
    LoC Plans to Save US Digital History
    MS Palladium May End Fair Use
    Privacy International Announces Stupid Security Competition
    Iraqi Internet Outtage Foils US Spam
    DoD Hit by Spam Attack
    Turbo Tax Modifys Partition Table Track
    Acacia Patent Case Moves To Court
    Congress Outlines Tech Agenda
    Bush Outlines TTIC
    ENUM Merges Telephone & Internet Numbers
    Opera Fights MSN, Unveils Bork Edition
    DMCA v Satellite Hackers
    Catherine Zeta-Virus
    Mitnick Banned
    BSA Audit Deadline
    Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son
    Web Sites Subject to Laws of Registrar or Host?
    Hillary Clinton Calls for National ID Card
    ABA Withdraws UCITA Consideration
    Congress Restricts Email Surveillance
    NCR Already Patented Product Categorization
    Must Anti-War equal Anti-Semite?
    IEEE Asks Congress for DMCA, Fair Use Review
    Anti-CIPA Supreme Court Briefs Filed
    DoC Sole-Sources IANA to ICANN
    California EULA Lawsuit
    Mitnick Site Defaced
    INS Border ID System
    Black Box Ballots
    Kasparov, Deep Junior Draw Game, Match
    Lexmark uses DMCA to Kill Toner Competition
    New Legislation to Criminalize Encryption
    6th Circuit Supports Internet Free Speech
    Gores Dirty Deeds Steal 2000 Primary Election
    Bush Orders Guidelines for Cyber-Warfare
    MS Deliberately Breaks Opera View of MSN Site
    CWs Slammer Terrorist Unveiled
    Online Music Sampling Patented
    Music Sales Online Patented
    e-Commerce Patent Claim
    Patent Claimed for Compressed Downloads
    SBC Claims Frames Patent
    Powells Main Points
    Jack Valenti Interview
    Mitnick Answers SlashDot
    MS Java Appeal Upheld
    Slammer Post Mortem
    DALnet Restricts File Sharing
    Spews Blacklist Blocked
    The End of the Internet
    Project Gutenberg Hacked by Iraq