Murrel. Org Updated 4/1/2003  


  March 2003

    Court Upholds Right to Tell the Truth
    Tech Wars
    North America is WLANtastic
    MPAA Lobbying for State Super-DMCA Bills
    FBI Profile Accuracy No Longer Required
    Japanese Spammer Fined
    Hollywood Celebrates Oscars But Pans Troops
    Your Taxes at Work
    DMCA Blocks Tech Progress
    UK Big Brother Awards
    U.S. Steps Up Secret Domestic Surveillance
    Why the Dogs of Cyberwar Stay Leashed
    Condition Orange: Secure Your Systems Now
    Companies Review Their IT Security as War Breaks Out
    EPIC/ACLU Challenge PATRIOT Act Secrecy
    Peoria High Wins State Basketball Championship
    Sun Suffers from Global Warming Too!
    User Right to Skip Commercials Bankrupts SonicBlue
    Junk Fax Ruling May Help AntiSpam Effort
    Web Site Hacks Rise as War Rages
    Colleges to Teach Hacking
    Amazon Claims Patent on Web Page Ads
    Identity Thieves Pose as Internet Job Sites
    DMCA Under Public Scrutiny Again
    War Topples Sex as Most Popular Search Term
    Point! click! get! root! on! Yahoo!
    War Stresses Web
    Marking File Traders as Felons
    Web Sites Vandalized With Antiwar Messages
    Scalia Bans Media at Free Speech Speech
    Saddam to Join War on Iraq
    Worm Lures Victims w Iraq Spy Satellite Photos Offer
    People are the Biggest Security Risk
    Red Alert: Everyone is an Assumed Terrorist
    CAPPS II to Exempt Traveler DataBase from Privacy Act
    Replaced Older Workers File v Sun, Younger H-1B Hires
    RIAA Sends Piracy Warning to 300 Companies
    RIAA's Rosen Invokes MLK, Defends Network Poison
    Overflow Exploit v MS IIS
    NPR Admits Anti-War Bias
    Fair Credit Reporting Act Battle Brews
    HP to go Wireless
    RIAA Website Hidden in Plain Sight
    E-mail Vetting Blocks UK Sex Debate
    Google Censorship Examined
    Cost of Laughing Up 2.6%
    Blix: Global Warming More Important than War
    Stalkers Google Victims
    SCO v IBM Analysis
    House Committee Blurs Seperation of Powers
    Khalid Shaikh Mohammed's Laptop Tells All
    India Pakistan Fight Virus Tek Wars
    Support CAPPS II Wyden Amendment
    40% Email is SPAM
    World's First Brain Prosthesis
    Benetton Tracks Smart Clothes
    Code Red Virus Variant
    Internet Patents Pitched
    EU Anti-Trust v MS
    Do Not Call Registry Signed
    Mitch Kapor Resigns
    No Court for Guantanimo Non-combatants
    Leko, Kramnik Win Linares
    Wireless May Provide Broadband Competition
    Screeners Seized 4.8 Million Items - Half Sharp Objects
    Library Warns of FBI Spying
    Network worm uses weak Windows passwords
    Cyberattack Risk Grows as War Waxes
    Iraqi Drone Could Drop Chemicals on Troops
    Court Strikes Down Online Porn Law ... Again
    Afghanistan Bans Cable, Coeducation
    Spamcop Blocks Registrar
    U Texas Compromised
    Supremely Chilling Day in CIPA Court
    Victor Doesnt Infringe on Victoria
    Maryland Plans Unconstitutional Web Blocking Modeled after Penn
    Ashcroft: No Patriot II       (See White Papers)
    RIAA Routes Own Site as
    Lexmark Faces Anti-Trust over Replacement Cartidges
    Australia Ditchs Failed Internet Filters
    Review of Internet Police tactics
    Senate Bill Seeks Copyright Full Disclosure
    Stamnov Wins GPO with Swiss Gambit
    Student Wins w Robot Swarm
    Bill Introd for FISA Oversight