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  April 2003

RIAA Settles $98 Billion Suit for .00006 Cents on the Dollar
Are Do Not Spam Lists an Invasion of Privacy?
Patriot Raid
Moores Law Threat to Privacy
RIAA Chief to rewrite Iraqi Copyright
File Swapping Tools Ruled Legal
Forbes: FCC Ignores Telcos Bilking Billions
Comparison of Microsoft XP EULA and GPL
Cisco Adds Eavesdropping, But Not Accountability
Pennsylvania Secretly Censors 300 Web Sites
Supreme Court to Tackle Jurisdiction of Internet
Bradley Student Elections Cracked
The Real Saddam
2003 US Big Brother Awards
Local Officials Defy Patriot Act
Mystery Web Fees on Your Telco Bill?
Government Sides with RIAA v Verizon in DMCA Dispute
A Command Post Response
Waco: A 10 Year Perspective
Stupid Security Winners
Are Honeypots Legal?
Trading Passwords for Plastic Pen?
LaBrea Unavailable Due To Illinois SuperDMCA
Fox to Guard Homeland Privacy Chicken Coop
Key Republican Questions Patriot Act
SBC Seeks Changes to Raise Net Access Prices
Porn Spam Creating Hostile Work Environment?
Way Back machine Star of Sex Court
In Defence of the UCITA
UN Inspectors: Germany, Russia, France Resppnsible for War
PayPal Charged with Breaking Patriot Act
Free Software Fights Back at Crackers
Michigan Outlaws VPNs, Dynamic IPs, Internet "As We Know It"