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  June 2004

EFF Pushes for Silly Patent Reexaminations
ISPs Not Responsible for Users Downloads - in Canada
Court: Email Snooping is OK
FOI Request Could Crash Fragile DOJ System
Court TRO Demands Portable IPs
25 Rules to Blog By
Grocer Sued for Not Violating Privacy
Organized Crime Uses Unpatched MS Servers to Spread Viruses
Acacia Claims Silly Patent Covers Streaming Media
Induce Act Intentionally Broad
Confirms ISP Passive Hosting Not Infringement
Wi-LAN Sues Cisco in Patent Fight
RIAA Pays Settlement with Old CDs
Criminalizing Legal Defense
Judge Halts Utah Spyware Law
Anti-DMCA Personal Technology Freedom Coalition Formed
WinXP SP2 Sacrifices Compatibility for Security
Anti-SPAM Best Practice
HR107 Opposes DMCA, SUpport Fair Use
You Have No Right to Remain Silent
Click Count Confusion
Webmonkey is Back
Induce Act Free Speech Killer
New Bill to Make Innovators to be Liable for "Induced" Effect
Cory Doctorow MS DRM Talk
321 Studios Nears End
Court Dismisses Privacy Lawsuit
Unread Web Site Policy Unenforceable
3000 Blogs Taken Down Without Warning
Many Libraries Opt Out Over Filters
Akamai DNS Outtage Questions Decentralized Web
DirecTV Agrees to Change Evil Ways
EFF Patent Busting Contest
eBay Blocks Mac Safari Users
Testing Copyright, Censorship Online
WIPO Broadcast Treaty Threatens Fair Use, Makes PC Illegal
Most eBay Hard Drives Contain Data
WIPO Creates New Broadcast Copyrights
Zombie PCs Spew Spam
Swap File Dangers
Think Before You Text
Why the FCC Should Die
Yahoo Spy Filter Ignores Partners
McAfee Claims Spam Patent