Murrel. Org

This is Murrel.Org.

Our only address is in the land of pixels and electrons here on the Internet. Our Web server recognizes no information regarding your domain or e-mail address. And since we collect no information on consumers who browse our Web page, we cannot share it with other organizations for commercial purposes. We do not set or view any cookies.

If you do want to receive an e-mail from us, you will have to send me one first. And it should be about something that I care about - otherwise I probably won't e-mail you back.

However, you should be aware that if you email me and say something I think is particularly clever or insightful, I will probably share it with the world (ok, those few who actually visit this site) on a serperate readers comments page. If there is no readers comments page - it just means no one has been particularly clever or insightful yet.

And with respect to Ad Servers: We do not partner with or have special relationships with any ad server companies. I hate that stuff.

So the bottom line is - no spam, no ads, no annimated gifs, no data collection. I don't care who you are. The links here should help you think - not offer a free vacation in Tahiti in exchange for your bank account number. And if it does make you think, please post a link to us here and share whatever we have with your friends.