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  Sources on the Web

    DRM Watch - Leading Resource for Digital Rights Management
    Media Research Center - America's Media Watchdog
    Progress & Freedom Foundation - The Digital Revolution & Its Implication for Public Policy
    Secreacy News - FAS Project on Government Secrecy
    Best of the Web - Conservative Review of Politics of the Day by James Taranto
    Cato - Free Trade Libertarian Think Tank
    Tech Dirt - for people who get involved, and ask questions and dig deep
    Tech Dirt - Corporate Intelligence about the Wireless Industry (Mostly Cell Phone - Some WLAN)
    IDG Publications - Publishers of Technical Industries Magazines
    Reason Online - Libertarian Views of the Political Scene
    Internet Privacy for Dummies - Online Companion
    The Register - British View of the Technical Scene
    Fred Cohen & Associates - Security Consultants
    Light Reading - Telecommunications News Source
    Fark - Nerd News
    Censorware Project - Exposing the Secrets of Censorware
    My Way - Surfing without Popups & Banners
    Scope Systems - Largest Database of Historic Events & Birthdates
    Today in History - List of Aniversaries Celebrated Today
    On This Day - List of Aniversaries Celebrated Today
    La Mecca - Today in Chess History
    Earthweb - Telecommunications News Source
    FindLaw - #1 online legal resource
    NOLO - Everyday Law for Everyday People
    Webopedia - Online Internet Dictionary and Search Engine
    The Internet Movie Database - website for the entertainment industry
    Visual Thesaurus - Unusual Visual Look at Word Interractions
    Anacubis - Unusual Visual Look at Web Site Interractions
    ZD Net - Computer and Internet News Source
    Mixed Drinks Recipes - Listed Alphabetically
    The Smoking Gun - Paving the Paper Trail
    Drudge Report - Political Commentary Portal
    Spin Sanity - countering Rhetoric with Reason
    Tech Central Station - Where Free Markets Meet Technology
    Boardwatch - The #1 Data Services Magazine for Telecom Executives
    USIIA - US Internet Industry Association
    CUACE - Coalition Against Unsolicited Email
    Privacy International - Watchdog on Surveillance by Governments and Corporations
    Privacy Manager - Independent Expertise on Privacy Policy
    Public Citizen - Protecting Health, Safety & Democracy
    Astrobiology Magazine - Alien Science
    Space Daily - Your Portal to Space
    Sci-Fi Today - Fiction Becomes Reality
    White House - Official Presidential News and Speeches
    US Department of State - Washington File
    Washington Post - News from America's Capitol
    News Forge - The Online Newspaper of Record for Linux and Open Source
    ACM Tech News - Association of Computing Machinery Timely Topics for the IT Professional
    Internet News .Com - a .Com Specializing in Internet News