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  October 2003

October 2003
FTC Finally Notices Effect of Obvious Patents
Diebold Uses DMCA to Stop Electronic Voting Discussion
Silly Patent 6636857 Software Updates via Internet
EU CopyrightChanges Kill Fair Use
Library of Congress Rejects DMCA Fair Use Copyright Exemption
CDT Rebuts DoJ
SCO Challenges GPL
W3C Challenges Eolas Silly Patent
US Copyright Office Rules Against Lexmark
Who Owns Your Thoughts
Fixing the Patriot Act
Outsourcing v Privacy
OPG Refuses Diebold Muzzle
Broadcast Flag Falacies
Court Rules VoIP Info, not Phone Service
ENUM Public Trial
FTAA Serious Flaws
Secrecy Thwarts Oversight
VeriSign Sells Network Solutions
VeriSign Intends to Relaunch SiteFinder
Feds Admit Error in Hacker Conviction
Gutenberg Publishes 10,000th Title
Cat Sues Disney
MS Patents Weather Reports
Hackers Attacking IM
Medina Parrilla
Web Sites as Terroists
Journalist as ISP
SunnComm Backs Off
End of the Internet
DMCA Suit Threatened v Critical White Paper Author
Court Rejects FCC, Opens Cable Internet
CD Copy Protection Fails (Again)
Charter Sues RIAA over Subpoenas
Unintended Consequences 5 Years of DCMA
Lexmark Wins Ink Refill
Cloak of Invisibility
MS Sued Over Security Flaws
VeriSign Halts SiteFinder
ICANN Demands VeriSign Remove Wildcard
Cyber Insecurity Report Cites MS Lack of Diversity